Hello, I'm Sabrina (Pickett). I'm a 23 year old fashion crazed lady from a little town in Utah. I definitely don't feel like I belong here, in Utah. I would much more picture myself in a bigger city or a tropical island! But for now, Utah is home. Just for now ;)

 I am still deciding if fashion is an obsession of mine or if it is apart of who I am. I think both! I started this blog as a hobby and to share to the world my love for style, beauty and creativity. I am a believer of "things happening for a reason" so I know there's a reason why I ended up here making this blog! I hope to inspire you all on here to follow your passions! Starting this blog was my first step of following my passion, I have recently followed an even bigger passion of mine and opened my own shop! I have now added to "Pickett Pretty" with an online shop, where you can now shop my favorite picks and feel pretty AMAZING in them!

Shopping has always felt like a relaxing adventure for me. It's exhilarating to buy things that I feel good in and that I can wear with confidence. I think that is my biggest thing about clothing, they make me feel confident and overall GOOD about myself! I know many of you shop for the same reasons, and I am excited that we can share the same passions!

Thanks for learning a little about me!

Wanna know a little more?

  • When I was in Kindergarten, I wanted to be an artist.
  • I never learned how to whistle.
  • My ethnic background is: 37.5 % Chinese, 12.5% Indonesian and 50% white!
  • Born in Oklahoma, raised in Utah!
  • 11 years of dancing/tumbling and I still can't get over the fear of flipping myself backwards (aka: backhandsprings and etc.)
  • My dad used to get me ready for school when I was young and had the hardest time because I was so picky about what I wore! My fashion sense started so young!
  • I am currently in college for Health Administrative Services, I will graduate with my Bachelor's in May, 2018. I am also the President of the Future Healthcare Leaders Association. Weber State, Great, Great, Great!
  • I played basketball in Junior High and got fouled out of majority of my games for trying to steal the ball in very creative ways!
  • Besides shopping, the ocean calms me down more than anything.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions of anything else you'd like to know!



Pickett pretty was established in April 2016. Anything posted on this site is solely from Sabrina Pckett's discretion. Sabrina Pickett has all rights reserved to this website, unless stated otherwise.