By Sabrina Pickett

I want to inspire women to feel pretty in their own skin. It is so important to love ourselves for everything that we are. believe it and you will be it.

Hello, I'm Sabrina (Pickett). I'm a 22 year old fashion crazed lady from Utah. I am still deciding if fashion is an obsession of mine or if it is apart of who I am. I think both! I started this blog as a hobby and to share to the world my love for style, beauty and creativity. I am a believer of things happening for a reason, so I know there's a reason why I ended up here making this blog! I hope to inspire you all on here to follow your passions! I have now added to Pickett Pretty with a shop! You can shop my favorite picks and feel pretty in them!

Shopping always felt like a relaxing adventure for me. I have never liked buying things full priced. I get so much satisfaction when I find a good deal (the piece doesn't even have to be that cute, but if it's 75% off its worth it!). This is another reason I wanted to make this blog--to share my shopping secrets! You don't have to look your best for a million dollars!

Thanks for learning a little about me! .xoxo,

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