Lombok, indonesia


This place is beyond breathtaking, so much beauty in one area. all of these pictures are a span of 3 days summed up. this was my weekend in lombok! The first few pictures uploaded to this post are from right outside of our hotel. It was like the ocean was our backyard! We stayed in the sunset house hotel. it was simply gorgeous! There was also a lot to do at the hotel, massages, swimming pool, souvenir shopping, buffets and a kids playroom, 

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 I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful this place is, just because I was expecting Bali to be the most beautiful place in Indonesia, but in my opinion, I think Lombok is slightly better! But that may be because i only saw certain parts of each place. I didn't explore all of Bali or all of Lombok, so my opinion is a little bit biased. Anywho.. I had an amazing time here. It was probably the most relaxing part of my whole trip, so that could also be why i loved it here. I would recommend this place in a heart beat though. you would not regret it!