Swipe Wright


So many new things happening you guys!

I met Dallan (Wright) on Bumble, and obviously I swiped "wright" ;). Okay I promise I won't continue those cheesy lines! Anyways.. Ever since my first date with him at a sushi restaurant, my life has COMPLETELY changed. We lived an hour away from each other and would mostly hang out on weekends, but of course the weekdays too because we always wanted to see each other. Dallan always came off so sweet and would always be there for me, even when we had only been dating for a few months. Before this, I had relationship issues. I went through many guys being dishonest and it was always hard to pick up and start dating again and again. I'm the type of girl who believes in chivalry, love stories and pretty much total cheesy love. You could have just called me a hopeless romantic! But not anymore, because I have found real love and I am so proud of myself for going for it, and if I hadn't gotten a Bumble Account and Swiped Right on him, who knows where I'd be right now! I am so grateful because Dallan has truly shown me what true love is, continuous laughter, no dull moments, happy cries and much MUCH more.  


8 short months later and we are moved in together! Now we are going to document the whole thing! So if you want to hear more of our story, check us out on YouTube! You'll learn a lot more about us on there than I could ever put into a blog. I am so excited for you to see please and let us know all your feedback! So far we have attended concerts, made dinner together and did our first real photoshoot together! Next up.. I think a puppy ;)

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