2 Christmas Dress Looks

Happy Holidays guys!


It's been a great year, and I can't believe it'll be a New Year so soon! I swear October to December, always flies by! Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are like a blur.... Christmas shopping has been fun this year though! I scored these two dresses at ASOS! These dresses were actually my first purchase from them, I am very impressed by their website and setup. They made it pretty easy to navigate, had a huge selection, and gave great product details. The ONLY thing I found confusing was their sizing, I kinda had to guess and hope for the best since it was all in UK sizes, and I am only familiar with US sizes... I still managed the dresses well, because luckily, they FIT!

Shop Red Dress Here

Shop Sparkly Dress Here


Let the Christmas holiday begin and I hope you all have a wonderful one! If you're lookin' for some Christmas dresses, I highly recommend ASOS! Enjoy!




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