29 Gift Ideas For HIM


I've always struggled with guy gifts, when it comes to my dad, grandpa, cousin, boyfriend, whoever as long as it's a male!!! I used to think guys were harder to shop for because they don't use enough accessories like girls do. Girls are much easier because there's more to choose from as far as gifts! Earrings, necklaces, socks, perfume, make up, etc... well that is a LIE! Guys are easy to shop for too, you just have to get creative sometimes!

My boyfriend just turned 29 and I wanted to make his birthday special for him, (especially since he said I'll JUST be 29...) so I did 29 GIFTS! 

If you are having a hard time trying to find a gift for your man, brother, dad, grandpa, uncle, etc. Here are 29 ideas he'll LOVE!

29. His Favorite treats! 

28. Phone Accessory

(I did a phone socket)

27. Notebook

(Get creative and design a notebook for him, or find one he'll use all the time! I did a "success type of notebook)

26. Joggers

25. Whiskey or Wine Cups

24. Passport Wallet

23. Tea/Coffee or any favorite drink!

22. Dinner Gift Card

21. Art Piece

(I found a cool art piece for our new apartment. You can find a lot of fun ones from HERE)

20. Beard Oil

19. Golfing Attire or Gift Card

18. Wine/Whiskey

(for a date night)

17. Socks

16. Cake

15. Massage Gift Card

14. Pen

(gotta have that perfect ball point pen to go with the notebook)

13. Beanie

12. Beard Comb

11. Candle

(even guys love a nice yummy candle for the house or for relaxing time!)

10. Paint Kit

(I found a fun paint kit on amazon, it'll be perfect for an in home date/craft night!)

9. Coat/Jacket

8. Entertainment Center/Furniture

7. Shot Glass

6. Dad Hat

(cause every guy needs a go to dad hat)

5. Watch

4. Cigars

3. Chocolate

2. Necklace

1. Love Note

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps with gift ideas or at least to spark some ideas!

Guys aren't always easy to shop for, but it sure is fun to get creative sometimes! 


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