1. You Are Obsessed With the Summer Life

The weather app is the first thing you check everyday, hoping to hit the jackpot and line up 7 sun emojis in a row, reading 90 degrees, 0 humidity. But instead you see it's cloudy with a chance of snow, sleet, rain and every other type of terrible weather all by the afternoon. You'll get to wear those cute new sunnies soon enough... You hope.


2.  You Don't Actually Know How To Surf

The only surfing you're doing is on the web for a bikini while it's STILL 50 degrees and the chance of snow. And truth be told Shark Week has ruined the chances of you ever wanting to learn how!


3. You have the "I'll start tomorrow type of diet"

You want that bikini bod, but you want that third slice of Little Caesar's Pizza too. Every weekend you drink endless lemon drops and some type of "calorie" bomb then continue eating until 3:00 AM. That alone is usually enough motivation for you to go grocery shopping Sunday night to start a meal prep, however you somehow end up at home binge watching Netflix and spooning out the last drop of Jimmy Fallon's Ben and Jerry's ice cream. 


4. Your Yoga Pants Become Your Everyday Wear

Suddenly your yoga pants become appropriate to wear to your next job interview, grocery shopping and meeting your possible mother in law. What can't these magical material get you through?! 


5.  Your Starbucks Order Becomes Longer Every Week

Your local barista dreads seeing you walk through those doors because your order has become more and more complicated as you delve into the Kardashian way of life. It now even includes mythical creatures since hearing something about "unicorns". 


6. Daydreaming of California Becomes a Daily Routine

You're dreaming of the warm ocean breeze, with the hot sun heating your body, as you lay slowly drifting into sleep with the slow sound of the crashing waves drifting in and out.. when in fact it's 6:00 AM with your hair dryer blowing in your face and you've realized you've been standing in front of the mirror for over 7 minutes now. It's still 50 degrees with the chance of snow. And In the back of your mind, you're too scared to look out the window cause you know it could legitimately be a blizzard outside. 


7. You Think There's So Much More To Do In California

You come home from work, delusional on a Wednesday night thinking that there's more to do so you convince your friends to go out! Only to find 3 men at the bar, 1 who offers to buy you the strongest drink the bar has to offer and you're night promptly ends as it started.. you coming home, disheartened, single, tired, and still in yoga pants! But now your arguing with your girlfriend deciding whether or not you should educate yourself with a Netflix documentary or another round of Pretty Little Liars despite knowing the identity of "A" and hating every minute of it. 


8. you shop for swim suits all year long

You buy swim suits, despite being 1,000 miles away from the ocean and hours away from the closest body of water. Yet you have dedicated 2 drawers to a swim suit collection. And you know what?... Even though tomorrow is will be in the 50's the Sagittarius in you can still see half a sun peaking from behind the clouds on the weather app and that's enough reason to clear out a 3rd drawer! Cause you're only ever a click away from a round trip plane ride to paradise! ♥️ www.pickettpretty.shop