8 Perfect Places to Wear a Romper

Hey everyone! How's your week going? I can't believe it's already Sunday. This weekend flew by for me! I was stuck inside all weekend with a cold. Not fun at all! But it gave me a lot of down time, that I felt I really needed.. 

Onto better things! Check out how amazing this Romper is!! This is such a chic look that I'm obsessed with. What I love most about it, is that you can wear it ANYWHERE! And I mean, ANYWHERE....


Just Kidding...

Totally Kidding!


Okay, other than these exotic photo-shopped places, I have 8 PERFECT places you'd REALLY want to wear this romper to!

8. Summer weddings!

As a guest, weddings aren't always easy to find attire for. Throw in a small purse with this romper and you're good to go! The bride will totally appreciate your confidence!

7. Your THIRD date!

You don't want to be too dressy for the first date, and the normally the second date you're still trying to figure him out, but once he invites you to his favorite upscale restaurant on Friday night, (the third date)... You won't want to be wearing anything else! His jaw will be droppin' the moment he sees you. and.. BAM! He's already in love ;)


When I go on vacation I swear I always end up buying a new wardrobe, new toiletries, new EVERYTHING! If you're like me, then you'll love this new romper to wear out in a new place!

5. Your college graduation!!!

You gotta look hot to start your new life journey!

4. To ANYONE'S graduation!!

It's your friend's, sister's, uncle's, whoever's big day! So again, you gotta look HOT!!

3. Concerts!

You'll fee easy and breezy in this romper at your next concert! 


Get it Girl! 

1. Girls Day!

Wear this strolling around and shopping at all the best stores + dining at all your favorite restaurants, just like I did in this pictures! :)

Thanks for reading! I can't wait to see where you wear your rompers to!!