be happy, babydoll



this babydoll top is adorable, isn't it? and of course it is off the shoulder, so it makes it even more adorable! i found the top for $5.00 at rue21. i also found these shoes there! they were Buy one get one for $1. They always have a good shoe sale going on there. the necklace was also a good deal from Forever21, for $5. these jeans are flying monkey brand. flying monkey normally runs from $45-$100 dollars depending where you get them from. the cute boho rings are from aliexpress for $3 dollars! i can't promise that they won't turn my fingers green, but at least they make for cute accessories! so all together this outfit was about $93. (top, necklace, jeans, rings and shoes). that really is not bad at all, considering how much a full fashionable outfit can cost nowadays and also considering how many times i'll wear the shoes and jeans again. 

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Well here i go again on a curve of the fashion conversation.... 

i think everyone deals with pain and hurt in their lives, i have learned a lot from dealing with it. what i have learned is that how you cope with pain is important. it is easy to run to the wrong sources (not that i have a say in what is right and wrong sources for anyone), but i have been through experiences that has made me realize a lot of appreciation in my life. i am also appreciative of the wrong things that i did run to, because they have made me more grateful for the right ones. i have coped with hard times wrongly plenty of times to find the distraction of the empty, hurt and painful feelings. everyone copes with things in their own ways, just remember that the way you cope with it will have an impact on you whether it is temporary or permanent. life is short, so make the best of it! feel the sadness, pain, stress and etc., but just remember you are the only person that can make You happy. 

be happy, babydoll

thanks for reading! xoxo