be okay

confession-I love to vent. I always feel better when I get my feelings out. For me, talking about how I feel when I'm feeling stressed or upset about something is the only way to relieve any sort of tension, anger or hard feelings. My close friends know exactly what I'm talking about.. I am always running to them to talk about things- advice, feelings, emotions, etc.

Life throws curves- Whether you're going through a break up, wanting to lose weight, insecure about something, struggling to get an A+, whatever it is- I want you to remember something.... it's going to be OKAY. the one piece of advice my friend's give me all the time, is to stop worrying and that it's going to be okay. and guess what? it always is. It always works out, one way or another. I know, sometimes when you're in the moment, it's seriously hard to think anything other than the problem itself. You think to yourself.. "This is never going to work out, or this just sucks." This is what I need to practice. I need to practice patience and faith. When I am in the moment, I get impatient and start worrying hardcore about all of the things that are going wrong or that could possibly go wrong... (serious struggle for me)

-conclusions: this is something I am going to fix and work on! and I think you should do this with me. It's time to just relax and take life for what it is. It's A LOT easier said than done, I know, but it's so worth it. I know it's worth it because I have had times where I freaked out, worried too much and completely overdramatized the whole situation and in the end, I greatly regretted it. Reactions are important. So cheers to living in the moment, taking situations as they are, worrying less and having faith that everything that is going to be OKAY.

Thank you for reading.

XOXO- Sabrina

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