an easy outfit to be yourself in


Hello! don't you love this outfit combo? Although this outfit is a little more springy than summery, it can still make for a great look on a summer night. I like this outfit because of how easy it is to wear. i love shirts that you don't have to wear an undershirt with. this top is more of a sweater, so it's a little thicker than your average shirt, so it makes it easy to just throw on without having to wear a tank underneath. you could totally wear this top in all seasons as well! the casualness of this outfit is what keeps me coming back to it, yet, it still looks fashionable at the same time. these glasses were kind of a last minute accessory for these photos. i have always wanted to have to wear glasses, as funny as that sounds. i love the look of them, i used to be jealous of people who had to wear glasses. has anyone else felt that way? or am i just a nerd? ha. unfortunately, i got all of the pieces to this outfit so long ago. however, i hope this can at least give you some inspiration or ideas of what to wear next time you are walking at a lake..... (i am totally being sarcastic lol). 

if there is one thing i would like to wish you all before i stop typing, i would wish you all to be yourself. do not ever let anyone tell you to be something or someone else. it is important to be you and love being you. enjoy yourself and be happy with who you are. xoxo!

thanks for reading and letting me be me