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Hello again! it has been awhile. the past 2 weeks i have been on such an adventure in Indonesia! It was my first time ever visiting there and Since i am part Indonesian, it was a really great experience for me to discover the culture and learn so much more about my family. It was the most amazing experience and i cannot wait to go back. So before i go on and on about my adventures (i'll save that for my next post), i want to tell a few stories about these pictures here. 

If you're wondering who took these pictures, well... i did! I set the timer on my digital camera, set the camera on the ledge and hurried to the chair to pose! Has anyone else tried this on their own? i didn't feel silly about it until the people next door walked out on their balcony and caught me, he he! I was having so much fun modeling for myself though, especially in such a tropical place like this. Anyway, if you ever feel like it's impossible to become a blogger or anything, remember that nothing is impossible, and think outside of the box sometimes. you can always compromise and make things work, kinda like i did here.

okay, here is another little story that has to do with these pictures.... the place i took these pictures at is called a villa (a vacation condo), My family and i stayed here in Bali. It has an upstairs, kitchen. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a private pool. It was a super cute and roomy place to stay! however, i think it was totally haunted. If you believe in ghosts then you might think my story is true! so the last night we stayed in the villa, i was laying in my bed and resting my eyes, i was so tired from all the activities that day. This was around 10pm and As i was laying there, i heard someone come upstairs, i heard them go to the bathroom that was right next to my room and then i also heard them lock the upstairs door that lead to the balcony. I really didn't think anything strange of it because i just assumed it was my uncle locking up and maybe had to use the bathroom while at it. So i just went to bed. a few hours later, i heard a dog barking so loud that it woke me up. After that, i couldn't fall back asleep because i kept hearing little noises and started freaking myself out. (if you know me, you know i get scared so easy), i was really scared at this point and any little noise freaked me out.. I finally forced myself asleep an hour later. here's the scary part-The next day i asked my aunt and uncle that i heard noises and my uncle also heard noises, like someone tapping on the window and then he also noticed someone walk past our villa and look in the window! i just got the chills typing that! (ugh, i know i'm cheesy). I asked my aunt and uncle if they had come upstairs the night before and they both said no. i even asked my little cousin and she also said no. How creepy is that? I was so happy that was our last night staying there!

anyways.... here are some outfit details:

I raided my best friend's closet for this cute swim top! don't you love it? i know that swim suit season is over, but that is when they're the cheapest! plus you could always use these for vacations throughout the year. swim suits hardly go out of style as well. so Here you go! 

enjoy! thanks for reading!


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