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Hello! happy Wednesday, everyone!

it took me so long to figure out how to dress business like. i never had a job that required me to dress business or business/casual, so the only time i really dressed like that was for interviews. once i started my business assisting job i had to really learn how to dress like a business woman! i still think i could use some improvements in this outfit area, but it has been fun to explore the style it offers me. let's just say, i have done a lot of pinteresting! i always search on pinterest for ideas, but most definitely for business outfit ideas! there are tons of cute stuff there that make me want to dress like a business woman everyday.

this pretty white top and chic blazer are both from business chic boutique. I came across their page on instagram and it was just what i needed! they have the cutest clothes for business wear. So if you're in need of business attire, i would suggest to check out their website! 

thank you business chic boutique!

find the white top here

find the blazer here

oh, and i can't forget about this cute guess purse! my cute grandma found it at the park city shopping outlets for only $40. i was so proud of her ha ha! i had to steal her purse for this outfit. i felt like it fit perfect! so cute.

thanks for reading!

xoxo, Sabrina

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