The leather and denim duo


Happy Saturday!

Today is such beautiful day. I have been trying to get everything done off of my weekend "To Do" list. I love to stay busy! 

Let's talk about this outfit + hair! I bought the shorts at Forever21 and guess what? They're *On Sale* (my two favorite words hehe) they only have them in size Large online, but you could try going in store to see if there are any other sizes.. I also got this choker at Forever21, they have a ton. It is so funny because I cut 5 inches off of my hair about 7-8 months ago and I keep complaining that my hair is not growing fast enough. The other day I was complaining to my friends and they reminded me that I kept cutting my hair after I did the big 5 inch chop. I had totally forgotten that I went back to my hair dresser twice after chopping it, to get an even more drastic cut.... Maybe that's why it isn't growing super fast ha. Good thing I have these beautiful Bellami hair extensions! They're really nice clip in extensions, I definitely recommend them. They're super soft and easy!

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for reading!


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