downtown salt lake city


i am definitely a city girl. I love the city of salt lake. i live about 45 minutes from there, so i am not down there as often as i would like, but whenever i go, it feels so refreshing. it feels like a whole different place, even though it's only 45 minutes away. it's the best at night, when you can see all the pretty lights. ahhhh, i just feel so alive in a city with so much beauty. 

outfit details:

okay, so i bought this bodysuit in California at a shop that was closing down, so it was super cheap. i really like the look this bodysuit gives-sophisticated + sexy at the same time. the jeans are from american eagle, you can buy similar jeans here. 

Let's talk about these shoes! unfortunately, i bought the last pair of these at (and they were only $10)! They always have a good shoe sale there. i would check their website if you're a shoe lover like me! my friend that was taking my pictures at the time, had me throw on the alien hat, and i love it! it totally went with the outfit. Sometimes that's when the best outfits come about, when you just throw random things together. Honestly, that's my favorite way to get dressed. It's fun to get creative. don't be afraid to be different with your style. just be you! 

thanks for reading!

xoxo, Sabrina

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