fall inspiration + why i love blogging

Kennedi Struchen Photography

Fall inspired outfit! Totally not ready to shiver and be cold, but i am still excited for the cute clothes fall brings. I went up into Big Cottonwood canyon to get these pictures, and wow! it was so gorgeous up there, i didn't want to stop driving. The leaves on the trees were so beautiful. I could not get enough. Also, these hair extensions are from Bellami hair! I really like them and am thinking of just wearing them all the time from now on? Hmm.. 

Someone asked me why i blog? so i want to take some time to answer that question. First of all, i love using this blog as my creative outlet. I have so much interest and passion in fashion and putting outfits together, it's an art form for me. Blogging is also my release. I am in college full time and i work almost full time. between the two of those, sometimes i feel like i am doing things i am obligated to do (not in a bad way) for example, homework, i know i have to do my homework in order to receive good grades, ya know? However, That's not how it is with my blog, i never feel that way. Blogging is  an escape from all of the busy work i am doing.  Even if my grandma is the only one reading my posts, it doesn't matter because i am still presented with a reward from it. i feel a reward in accomplishment, becoming inspired and inspiring others. Even though my blog is mostly posting my favorite fashions, now you can see that it is even more than that for me. It is my release, passion, inspiration and hobby. I hope that answers the question well enough to understand my reasoning for this whole thing. XOXO,


(Big Cottonwood Canyon photo's are not taken by me) 

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