Free People Fur Coat

Check out this FUR!!! I am in love with it! Free People has amazing items.

Found this lover on sale at the Nordstrom Rack, of course. I've been shopping at the rack a little too often lately. These shoes are just to die for too, huh? Also at Nords! It seems like they have all the good stuff lately.  So be careful the next time you go there! 

If you're wondering why my make up looks a little different in a few of these pictures, I used a photo editing app called Airbrush to give me a few different looks. It totally puts make up on your face for you. Why get ready anymore, right? Ha, it's too fun! 

Ahhhh, also.. I have been so crazy busy lately. I wish I could blog more than I have been, but it's so hard with all the rest of life going on. However, I have a fun trip coming up, that I know I'll have a butt load of pictures to post from. Be ready, y'all! 

Xoxo- Sabrina  


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