Happy Valentine's Day

I am so excited for this holiday this year! Maybe it's because I'm feeling so in love! I tend to forget how lucky of a person I am. I have a great support system for Pickett Pretty and I truly want to tell you all how much I love you! I wouldn't be here without all the love from you guys!


In just a couple months, I went from one of the lowest points in life- to extremely happy and in love! I can't express over the computer how truly vibrant and happy I have felt lately. If you read my blog, then you might remember me spilling about some awful times I had in 2016, (guy drama). Well ever since Dallan has walked in and took the boyfriend role in my life, he has completely changed everything! I won't get too mushy on here, but I had to share that 2017 is already so much better and I can't wait for more!

Now let's talk CLOTHES! This top is the perfect top for VALENTINE'S DAY! YAY! I love the look it gives. Peplum isn't my strongest wear, but this one isn't too much peplum for me, so I really like the look it gives. When tops have too big of a peplum, I don't normally go for it.

If you love this top as much as me, buy TOP HERE! $21.99

Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine's Day Babes!

 xoxox, Sabrina

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