holiday & spring dress duo

Funny Fact: I got these photos done around 9am in the morning, so there was no way that I wanted to open a bottle of actual champagne, nor wine. Soooo... I got apple juice and mixed it with water to get the perfect, believable color for the drink. oh the things I do to get great photos! hehe!

Here is another party/holiday dress that I am obsessed with! It's crazy how fast the holidays are approaching on us! Have you started your Christmas shopping?This dress is stretchy and comfortable. I love the off shoulder look, and the timeless colors this dress obtains. It's also a double win, because this is a perfect dress for spring as well! It would look great with some fur thrown over for to stay warm in the winter.

This dress is on sale for $12.99 from

Click on picture below to buy!

Enjoy! XX-Sabrina

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