How to Blog From Your Phone

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Hey all!

It's been a while, life is busy as we all know...

My topic here is how to make our lives not so busy (as bloggers). I have been blogging for over 2 years now and about a year or so into it I realized an easier way to maintain blogging! 


Like what? How did I not know this before? To some of you, this may seem silly because you've done this for forever, but for others this could be really helpful, especially if you're new! When I first started blogging I always pictured the most famous bloggers working at their computers. That picture just stuck it in my head for the longest time and I always thought I had to do everything by computers. Well, not so long after I found how to do it all from my phone!           


here's the How To's:

-Download the bLog app!

Whatever platform you use for your blog, squarespace, wordpress, wix, they all have apps now for you to work on them from your phones! I use the squarespace one and it is so good! It obviously can't do as many complex transitions as the computer can, but it definitely helps save time than opening up the laptop and typing your blog!

-Take photos from your phone and/or

edit from your phone!

It's super easy these days to set up a tripod for your phone and push the timer option and snap photos of yourself! (or use a camera if you want better quality). If you use your phone then they're already there and ready to upload to your blog and social media channels. For photo editing, I use a numerous amount of apps, but here are a few of my favorites: VSCO, Airbrush & Afterlight. It's easy to find great ones, and there are soo many out there!

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Boom! There you go! 2 SIMPLE steps to be a blogger from your phone! Easy access, easy editing and easy typing, right? I love to just lay in bed and text-type my posts up. Or when I go on road trips, it's an easy time to get my mind flowing. Take advantage of your phones, you can one day be a full time blogger from wherever you want! (unless you already are) 

Thanks for reading, loves!

Xo- Sabrina



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