how i handle a busy life


Casual outfits are a must! I was running errands all day in this outfit. I wore 2 different tops with these cute pants. I wanted to show how diverse these pants are. everyone knows that camouflage matches with everything! you can even wear pink with camouflage! of course i stuck with the olive colors this time. 

There is nothing more refreshing than a Starbucks green tea frapp! YUM. These snack sizes aren't big enough though. I always want more! 


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I'm going to steer away from outfit talks... Have you ever felt so busy that you can't even enjoy yourself anymore? Sometimes I put too much on my plate to the point where I get super overwhelmed and stressed out. It's hard to find the perfect balance of everything going on in life. I've done this to myself plenty of times and I have finally found a few solutions. These solutions are my personal testimonies (they won't work on everyone) but, they might at least help a little bit (I hope). 


1. Make a list- write down everything you need to get done. once it is finished, cross each task off and you'll feel extra accomplished and relieved as you see your list all marked off. suddenly you will be stress free!


2. Take breaks- I used to feel so guilty when i took breaks from all of the things that i was working on but, i really don't see how i can get through busy times without breaks. they are so important! even if you just take a few minutes here and there to have a snack or just lay there and do nothing. 


3. Listen to music- music can be a great key for helping you focus. i know listening to music isn't for everyone, it depends on what kind of person you are. if you know me, you know i listen to music 24/7! music keeps me calm and focused.


*Bonus* reward yourself- when you've finished all that you needed to get done, reward yourself with something you really enjoy! do some retail therapy, go buy that yummy drink you love, binge watch some netflix and not feel guilty about it. do it!

whatever you do, stay stress free! :)


outfit details

crop top: Forever21

dark olive top: charlotte russe

Pants: Gap

hat: forever21

Shoes: Ross


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