Jord Wood Watch Holiday Ideas

Tis the shopping season! It's here you guys! I am so excited to be in the holiday spirit and so excited to get my shopping done. even though it can be a total mad house at this time of year, ya gotta love it, right? I am so excited to share that I am working with Jord Wood Watches! They have amazing, timeless pieces. Since Black Friday isn't over, go peep at their deals going before it is over! They rarely do black Friday deals, so this is worth a look. For those of you who have boyfriends/girlfriends, I am about to make your life a little easier, because these watches are perfect for holiday gifts. My favorite part about them, is that they're co-ed, so most of their collection looks good on girls and guys. In the past when I was in a relationship, I always ended up getting him the same gifts.... Guys are not the easiest to shop for! But what guy doesn't love a solid watch? Every guy loves a go to watch to wear every day, and I promise these Jord watches will do that! 

I am also doing an instant giveaway with Jord Wood Watches for a free $25 gift card! Anyone who enters in, automatically gets a free $25 dollar e-code to use on their site! Don't miss out!

check out Jord Wood Watches on Instagram at @woodwatches_com! I attached all links for their site, giveaway and directly to the watch I have! Enjoy! Thanks for reading. xoxoxo-Sabrina

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