kendall and kylie romper

Here is another Pac Sun favorite that I found! This is part of the Kendall & Kylie collection at Pac Sun. I love rompers and dresses for the summer. The comfort level of this romper definitely wins over jeans any day. The pretty lace detail on this piece won me over. I LOVE little details. I have always been particular of small details and have always had a thing for that. For example, when I was little, I used to play with Polly Pockets- the tiny little people with gel textured clothes. I used to get so excited about the tiny clothes to dress them in and I loved the little details about them. The little heels on the boots, the orange heart on the pink sweater, etc. Ha ha! Anyways... I wasn't that fond of the color at first, but once I wore it with the sunset I felt like it all fit together and it made me like it even more! These shoes are so girly and cute, they remind me of something that would come from Betsy Johnson's line. They're an old pair that I've had forever. I don't wear them that often because I feel like such a giant in them, but they do make for a perfect summer/spring wedge.
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