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5 ways to stay productive, while feeling lazy

1. First step: Prepare a physical list of the tasks you want to get done for the day or even for the week. Once you have completed the tasks and are able to cross them off your list, you will feel so accomplished and empowered! It will make you more motivated to cross the next one off, I promise.  Also, make sure your list isn't just a mental note, seriously grab a pen and paper to write this down. Be careful not be too hard on yourself with this list, don't set your goals too high to where it is unachievable, you don't want to burn yourself out either. It's great to get things done, but don't forget to slow down every once in a while.

2. Stay productive while still in bed. It's okay to stay in bed for all hours of the day, especially on your off days. When you have a list of things to do, as long as you're getting them done one way or another, it doesn't matter How ou're actually getting them done! So stay in your pajamas in bed as long as you want, just pull out your laptop, ipad, notebook, etc. and get your stuff done!

3. After saying #2.... Also, get out of bed to get things done! Depending on the work you have to get done, staying in bed could be dangerous. Make sure to know the difference between the type of work you have, to know whether staying in bed to complete it is smart or not. Getting up, taking a shower and  completing tasks outside of your home sometimes is better and motivates you more to get your work done. However, like I said above, it does not truly matter how you get things done, as long as you are making progress. It's just a personal preference of how you like your surroundings and depends on what your tasks are, of course.

4. Take small breaks here and there. It's easy to get burnt out and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. So don't be afraid of feel guilty of a couple breaks along the way. 5-10 minute breaks will help you stay focused and relieve stress in some cases. Don't feel bad if they're longer breaks as well, it's okay to let yourself relax here and there. Keeping yourself calm and relieved is what is going to help your future work.

5. Lastly, reward yourself! Now, I'm not meaning to indulge in something unnecessary towards your wants... (or am I?) ha, no it's completely fine to reward yourself though. Whether it's doing your favorite hobby, eating something delicious, buying something nice for yourself, it really doesn't matter what it is. However, be careful of over spending or over eating to not make yourself feel guilty in the long run. (I know that is not how everyone would feel, it's just a personal testimonial tip). Give yourself a pat on the back and take in the accomplishing feelings after completing all your tasks! Good job! You are seriously capable of anything, never forget that.

Thank you so much for reading my tips! I also want to talk about this cozy outfit, because there is a little story behind it. The daybefore I did this photoshoot, the photographer told me to bring an oversized sweater. I knew I had a few in my closet, but not until later that day did I realize that the ones in my closet weren't up to par to be photographed in (in my opinion). I had a busy day that day, so there wasn't any time for shopping. By the time I was done with everything that day, it was late, like 10-11 PM. Of course there aren't any clothing stores open at that time of day, so I ran to wal mart, one store that is open 24 hours. I originally went there to look for socks, because I figured I could just settle for one of my sweaters at home, but I figured while I was there I could check out the sweaters too annnnnnnd waaa-laaaa! I found this cozy, cute and warm sweater! I was so excited to find something more fitting for the photoshoot. It's seriously so soft, comfortable and kept me so warm. It is only around $14. It's definitely worth it for a last minute ordeal. I was pleasantly surprised with this outcome, and I am happy I made the decision to try out wal mart! They saved the photoshoot day for me!


I could not find these exact items on the wal mart website, but here are a few similar ones. Check your local wal mart for the exact ones, if interested! Thank you. Enjoy!

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