Let's Communicate!

I want to start by sharing these wonderful photos I got taken by Jaclyn Heward. She is so amazing! I did a quick shoot with her and still got so many looks. I was inspired by a boho gypsy look from Pinterest and this is what I got! Funny story- I literally sat in the grass and glued on the jewels to my face at the shoot haha. The cars passing by loved it ;) the crazy memories I make from photo shoots are always some of my favorite stories!

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I've been reading more blogs lately and I am feeling so inspired! Isn't it crazy to think of how many people share the same interest of blogging? And isn't it special to think of what blogging truly is all about? Blogging: a diary on the internet. A diary that goes as far as sharing interests, to selling interests. I also can't believe how much it has grown! Lately I haven't blogged how I have truly been wanting to. I think when I'm in school, my mind races too much and I start feeling guilty if I spend too much time on something other than homework (besides vacations, I never really feel guilty about those) ;). So my idea here is to blog more genuinely and deeply rather than quickly. 

Lately I've been pondering about society and what it does to us/me. It's a crazy thing, right? It makes us think we should be a certain way. If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed a quote I posted on one of my pictures. "We blame society, but we are society." SOO DEEEEEEP! It's funny because the generation I am in keeps blaming the lack of communication on society or we say "it's because of this generation" well, HELLO!?!? Who has the power to change that? We do! Like the quote says- we're blaming the generation, the iphones, the technology, the society, yet WE ARE the definition of all of those things. The only way for us to change about the things we complain about, is if we take action to all of it! Just remember.. it starts with YOU. It always does and always will. I'm writing about this because it's something I need to remember big time as well. I am constantly on my phone, and I constantly complain about people's communication. (Pretty hypocritical, I know) so I wrote this post as a reminder to myself, and to hopefully remind you too. Let's get out in the world more, get off of our phones, computers, iPads and truly interact with people around us. Connecting on the internet is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but we can't forget how wonderful it is to connect in person and to feel physical emotions. You don't get that through the phone or Internet! Take advantage while you can, because "society" may only get worse... ;) ya know? 


Thanks for reading, babes!!



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