LIFE BEHIND THE BLOG + 2 lists to help you GROW

Hey gals! I sat down tonight to take time to dig deep in this blog post. For you AND for myself! My life is such a crazy busy roller coaster sometimes and I often find myself drowning in my to-do lists. I have conquered taking mental notes and relying on siri to help remind me of my chaotic and very specific reminders. "siri remind me to get gas at 4:07PM" LOL. But there's much more that has helped me along the way!



Time management has become a really big thing for me the past couple of years. Once college started, my life became not as relaxed as it was before. I took on multiple jobs, gained a bigger social life, swiped left and right on tinder, went full time with school, started my blog, and etc etc. I look back and it just feels crazy to me that I have juggled so many things at once and stayed SANE! I remember leaving at 8:00 in the morning and not getting home until 9:00 at night. Ok wait though, this is STILL my life! (besides the tinder swiping)! I am still taking on a gazillion of things and that's why I am writing this right now. I live for this stuff! Yes, somedays I want to curl up in my bed, rest my eyes to Ellie Goulding and cuddle with my shih tzus.. BUT in the end, I wouldn't change all the things I do, for anything else! I know you crazy busy people out there do the things you do for a reason. You go to work each day because you either want money, want to gain experience or maybe you absolutely love your job!? (I hope the last one). When busy times arise and you start feeling scrambled or stressed, you AND ME need to remember why we're doing what we're doing.

I made 2 lists!

The first list I made is to help with time management. Do you have too many reminders for Siri to hold? I know I've probably overwhelmed Siri one or two times. Here are a few things that help me do better with all of my tasks, every. single. day. Little steps can make big changes!

List of steps to get you there!

3. Make a priority list!

Write down everything that you need to do in order from most important to least important. (it's all important, but you can go tanning at the end of the list, right?) Be able to focus on the most important things of your To-do's and I promise you will feel so relieved checking them off as you go! Be specific in your lists, it will help you remember! Also, don't be afraid to make more than one to do list. I read an article about lists form Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank). She quoted, "What’s scary is when a list is too small because that means I’ve been busy enough that I haven’t had any time to reflect on anything. The more time you have to reflect, the bigger the list grows, especially in the project area because you start to think of new opportunities you don’t want to lose sight of."

2. Stay motivated & focused!

It's so easy to start feeling tired mid day or discouraged that you haven't gotten as many things done as you wanted/needed. One way that helps me stay motivated and focused is by reflecting on old times. I LOVE looking at old photos and see where I used to be and compare to where I am now. I have many old photos on my phone that are fun to go through because it brings me back to the old places I used to be at in life. It's just a little reminder of why I'm still going and helps me see and remember what I want for the future. Maybe this is a secret reason of why they do "Facebook Memories". They pop up old pictures in hopes to help you learn from the past and motivate you to do better in the future?? haha totally kidding.. But maybe it's true??

1. Do your best!

Holding back is such a waste of time, and I learned that the hard way! It took me a lot of growing and understanding of who I am to stop holding back the best me that I am. Acknowledge your confidence and use it in all things you do! Do your best!!

My second list is a list of things to do when it's time to take a step back from the busy, hectic life. It's so important to step back from all of the work/social, and detox a bit. This is such a great reminder for myself too, because I often feel guilty for taking time off or doing things for ME.

The Detox List


Take time away from your phone, computer screen, coworkers, friends and family. Go on a walk around a random neighborhood that you've never been to before, treat yourself to one of your favorite books that you wouldn't mind reading again, or just sit somewhere and take in alone time with yourself! Just take time to go somewhere that makes you feel good and gives you peace. It's important!


You've been working SO HARD. It's okay to splurge on yourself every once in a while. I often feel guilty when I do this, because I think of all of the other things that I could spend my time/money on. When it's all said and done though, we all deserve a 'pick me up' to help us keep on goin! Buy that outfit you've been peeking at for weeks, eat that extra piece of pizza, order one more sex on the beach! Just live a little, and let yourself feel okay when you spoil yourself with the the things you crave! You earned it!

1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to take away stress. I always complain about going to the gym, but every time I go, I NEVER regret it. I always feel more accomplished and ready to get going on my next task when I'm done working out. It's one of the best boosts of energy, and confidence boosts you can get. Exercising pumps up your endorphins, which help you feel less stressed. It's a fact! So next time you need a big stress reliever, take yourself to the gym!

I hope my advice helps you grow into the person you want to be! Growing is a hard thing, and sometimes we need those lists, pick me ups or endless shopping days to get us there! There is no shame on how you do YOU! Time management is one thing, but being your best you, is the BEST thing! Thank you for reading!

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