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Every Tee I get from EVERLYCO is the most soft tee shirt ever! Seriously some of the softest tee's I've ever had. I love the little sayings on each tee too. I wear them with casual attire or to bed, since they're so soft!! Check this tee out HERE! Also check their Instagram @ShopEverlyCo Enjoy!

So my life has been absolutely insanely busy lately! College, work, photography, family, boyfriend, friends, blogging and REPEAT! Even though I get overwhelmed and stressed at times, I truly wouldn't want my life any other way (unless it involved more traveling haha). I feel like I bring this up in most of my posts, but it's what is always going on in my life, so it is meant to be in most of my posts! I really can't complain too much about my life though. I am a super lucky person and I strive to appreciate that more and more! I was recently thinking about how I don't write enough on my blog posts. Normally when you think of a "blog", you think of "reading", because even though my blog is mostly about fashion- it's still about ME and I feel that I should share more about myself.

So more about myself.....

When I'm stressed out, I tend to shut down and do anything opposite of what I am stressed about. Example: School! I get so stressed over school, to the point that I procrastinate everything I am supposed to do, and then get even more stressed about it cause I get nothing done in the process! #iamcrazy..... I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this, but I should probably try and help this problem by doing homework right now ;) I also eat a lot of junk food when I'm stressed! Terrible habits!

Originally, I really wanted to make my blog about dressing inexpensively and making the inexpensive clothes look top notch. I know I somewhat do that already, but I really do have a talent of making affordable clothes look more expensive than they are! I get caught up in all the collaborations on my blog that I don't take the time to do exactly what I want and I don't get as creative as I want to! This will be a work in progress!

At home, I have 4 Shih Tzu dogs who I love so much. It's so cute cause they all have a certain personality that they bring to our house and they keep us all on our toes. They're definitely like family to my grandparent's and I. I cannot imagine what our household would be like without them. My grandma started breeding shih tzus a few years back so that's why we have so many of them!

I am going to college for Healthcare Administration, because I always liked helping people. I knew I couldn't be a doctor or a nurse cause I have a weak stomach with blood and needles. The business side of healthcare is also a way to help patients and physicians, so it's like a two in one. I know it's kind of surprising that I am not majoring in something fashion related, but maybe one day I will have both degrees! It's never too late and I definitely have a lot of time!

Okay last one for now- I have family literally all over the world, it's such a crazy thing to think about. I have family in Utah, California, Oklahoma, Indonesia and Holland! I am sure there's more places that I don't even know about, but those are the places I travel to visit them (except for Holland yet). It's fun to have family everywhere, but it sure makes me miss them when I don't get to see them as much as I wish I could! Stay tuned for my crazy life story on another post ;)

Thanks for learning more about me!



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