I'm calling this my swim suit of the year! Can you believe how tropical and surreal this suit is? It's from my shop,, and I'm loving everything about it. The fit, the colors, the off-the-shoulder and the tropical vibes it brings! It's like finding the shoe that fits your feet perfectly, but you never want to take them out of the box because they're too good to be true and you want the smell of new shoes to stay on them forever! That's how this suit is!

I feel like I'll be wearing a one piece swim suit all summer. Which isn't a bad thing, it's just that I own about 2 one pieces and 47 bikinis. I actually didn't think one piece swim suits used to be a trendy thing. I used to work at Victoria's Secret, and the ratio of one piece swim suits and bikinis were completely off, we'd be lucky to see 3 one pieces in the store. Since we mostly only had bikinis, all the customers plus employees would always craze over them.

 Maybe that's a marketing tip, eh?

I am seeing more and more one pieces for summer '17. Are they turning into the new bikini? It's a question I will keep in mind for when summer gets going and for when I go to some events. From the trends I see online, I am really guessing that bikinis will be less trending soon. Especially that red one piece everyone is raging about on instagram. ;)


Would you rather shop for bikinis or one pieces?

Now, don't get me wrong... I still LOVE bikinis. I just haven't felt comfortable in my body for them for this summer yet. I feel like winter ended fast and summer season is quickly approaching. I am not physically ready, to say the least.

 I can't get myself to the gym and it's just getting so tough for me. Ya know when you set your New Year's goal to go to the gym, and then you keep telling yourself okay tomorrow I'll start? And then tomorrow turns into MAY 10th and you're still not ready. Why does it seem like such a hard thing? Well after a long time of not going and making excuses, I figured out why... and it's nothing to do with the gym! It's just me being me and playing mind games. I'm sure everyone is a little guilty of this. It really is just a mind thing. Like everything else in life. The gym isn't hard, there's so many easy things about working out. It's about having the right mind set and being willing to change.

Right now this is kind of how my mind set works...

If I go to the gym it has to be early enough that it's still light outside because I hate being at the gym super late at night. I get so exhausted! *gets off work* ok it's 5pm, still light outside, but I'm starving. I'll eat, then wait an hour and then hit the gym! No matter what!! *eats a an embarrassing amount of dinner+dessert* oh look how comfy my bed is! I can't get up!! I'll go tomorrow...

That's seriously the little games I play in my mind. I don't even try going to the gym in the mornings, because I usually have the hardest time waking up. So the thing about getting in shape is that you HAVE TO be ready for a change. Going to the gym and eating healthy usually won't bring body changes if you do it once or twice a month. It takes lifestyle changes to see body figure changes. Sure, you can start by small steps and work your way to get where you want to be. It's just the matter of not quitting and giving your best! Don't let yourself quit or take 11 cheat days. I tell myself this all-the-time, but when I am ready to change, I will. Maybe I'm just not ready right now and if you're not ready either, then it's just time to be okay with it and own it. Whether you go to the gym or not, you'll still rock all your swim suits this summer! DREAM-BELIEVE-ACHIEVE

Thank you for reading! Don't forget to check out this trending suit and other amazing pieces on!