pacsun sale


I had a little obsession with Pac Sun this past weekend. My family and I went to Park City to take a look at the Outlet mall there (you already know what that means)... Hehe! I did a little over shopping, but I got good deals at least! Pac Sun was having a sale "Buy 2, get 6 FREE"! I was surprised it was 6? And then once I got to the register, I asked the cashier if the items I picked out were for sure apart of the sale and he said no, but he'd do it anyway. I guess I got lucky! Well... There's my shopping story for the day. 

I'm not normally a fan of the unitard tops, because I haven't found them that comfortable. However, this top was so cute, I made myself get over it! They really aren't uncomfortable, as long as you find the right one and the right size. I went into another Pac Sun at a different mall, and they weren't have as good of a sale and I noticed this top really wasn't on sale. If you do like it though (even full price) you can buy it here.

 Thanks for reading! Enjoy! Xoxo 

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