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 EEEK! I could not be more thrilled and motivated about this new shop! I have always dreamed of owning my own store. I always planned to do this once I graduated college, but it just felt right to do it now! With the help from the most amazing business partner/boyfriend who encourages and supports me to do this, I just couldn't wait any longer. And I really couldn't have done this shop without him. 

I started Pickett Pretty a year ago, and since then it has grown greatly! I've met so many amazing new friends, affiliates and have been apart of many collaborations. And let me tell you, it hasn't always been "Pretty". It has been a lot of hard work. It has taken long hours, multiple coffee trips, getting ready in my car for photo shoots and not to mention full time work and school on top of it all! I now have a new method of studying for an hour-and then working for an hour on and off. It usually ends up working for 3 and studying for 1, but of course, it always works out (#1 thing to remember). 

I've been working with a manufacturer to get the exact looks I want to sell. I have completely fell in love each style! Which is why I feel so  good about selling these products. Even though they can't arrive right away, I still feel that the styles/products are worth the wait because of their originality and quality. (Plus it's all free shipping)! Each item on this shop was selectively chosen by myself and studied to make sure the quality would fit all wants & needs! I would never sell clothes that I didn't believe in. I hope you enjoy them! I'd LOVE to see how you style them and hear your truest feedback.

If you have a dream, I hope you always go for it! No matter what your circumstances are, you can do anything! It doesn't matter where you're at in life, just do it! Don't let it go! If you believe in yourself, you will achieve anything!

I'd love to hear your feedback about my new shop and hopefully to keep you along my full journey! Thank you for reading, following and connecting with me so far!

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