What to wear for NYE

It's almost the New Year, and I can't wait for it! There are so many outfit ideas that I have for NYE, this dress being one of them! It's hard to decide what to wear, due to the chilly Utah weather. That's one reason why I can't come up with a decision here! It is so freezing here in Utah and I can't say that I am loving it...

Anyway, this dress is another from Shein.com! I have learned that they have some of the cutest clothes for the best prices. This dress is only $18.99. I love the suede fabric. It is so super soft, and comfortable (we all know that's my favorite). The off shoulder + ruffle detail are also a winning factor for this dress. It's definitely a possibility for NYE, don't you think?

Buy dress Here

As I was walking out of my door to take these pictures, my puppy "Poison" was chasing me, so I decided to bring her along. She is such a cute dog, I am surprised I haven't posted any pictures with her yet. Poison is a one year old shih Tzu, who is full of life and spunk. I can't walk in or out of the door without giving her some extra attention. I love her! I always had a dog as I grew up. Dogs in my family are considered nothing less than actual family members!

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