red is for love


i love wearing dresses in the summer, especially in this utah heat. throwing a dress on is so much easier and comfortable for me. i found this dress at rue21 (shocker). i have shopped there so much lately. rue21 is literally 5 minutes from my house, so that's probably why! i love the paisley detail in this dress, it can be easily dressed up or down, which is another thing i love about it. These sunglasses have turned out to be one of my favorites and i seriously bought them from the dollar store. i love how shiny they are. like i have mentioned before, i always buy cheap sunglasses because i always end up dropping them and breaking them or losing them, so i just don't trust myself with an expensive pair ha ha. 


onto a deeper note.... The deep red color of this dress has got me thinking of love. in my life i have realized that the most important entity to have is love and i think that is an important feeling for a lot of people as well. We are all made up of it and we are all looking for it in life (well most of us). it's important to me to find it, feel it and give it. this is kind of a random thought and it is probably because i have been watching the bachelorette a lot lately ha ha, but it is just something i wanted to share and spread. why not share more love than hate or anger? that is one of my new goals! thanks for reading!


Paisley dresses:

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