embracing scarves for the fall

I should really start investing in more boots for the cold weather... well, not really, but still. I want to wear heels and sandals for as long as possible, but boots are slowly becoming a must. It is freezing in the mornings, warm in the afternoon and then freezing at nights. Utah weather is crazy... Boots just aren't my go to because I don't like how bulky I feel in them sometimes and I haven't found a pair that I have absolutely loved in a while, an affordable pair anyway. I can always find $200+ boots, but I'm not really wanting to spend that at the moment. Not that there isn't cute boots under that price, there definitely is! I just haven't found some that I really repeated word love. I'm complicated, right?

I loved adding some red to my fall wardrobe, it spiced things up a little bit for me. I tend to stay near natural colors because that's just what my eye attracts to and I always think "this will go with everything". But it is definitely a must to have a few reds in the closet! 

Other than this scarf, this outfit is all old, but I found similar pieces. This big blanket scarf is from Bella Me Boutique. If you don't know me, then you wouldn't know that i actually used to be employed at Bella Me Boutique and had the time of my life with the people I got to work with. I enjoyed that job so much. Bella Me has tons of cute and affordable clothes to offer, you know by now that I would never say that and not mean it! If you love this scarf as much as I do, head over to @shopbellame on Instagram to shop their cute finds! If you are not able to go into Bella Me Boutique, I attached a similar scarf at the bottom from Target! xoxo

last thing! there are two things wrong with this picture.... My pants need to be ironed and I should have worn this scarf more than one way. I know, I know, such rookie mistakes! However, I have been wanting to express that I never want to promote myself as perfect. There is nothing more real about me than that fact. I actually kind of like that my pants are wrinkled and that the scarf is imbalanced and only worn one way, because it's real. I don't wear perfect outfits, I don't have a perfect body, hair and etc. And I am proud of that! This is real life, and that is what I want to promote.

I hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading! xoxox-Sabrina





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