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You guys! Smile Brilliant, is just well, BRILLIANT!

After having braces for over 1.5 years, I was tired of not being able to whiten my teeth. I have heard a lot of good things about Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit, so I gave them a shot (they did not disappoint)! I am excited to be seeing results only after a few sessions. What my favorite part is, is that they give you seriously EVERYTHING you need for the whole whitening process.

First, you make your very own impressions, and then mail them out to the Smile Brilliant Company to make you a personalized retainer.

Second, you receive your retainer and retainer case and start whitening!

Third, they provide you with whitening gel and desensitizing gel!

Here is a video to help guide you on how to use! She explains very well and shows her results too!

The desensitizing gel has done me wonders! My teeth are already sensitive as it is, so I was afraid to whiten them and make them more sensitive, but the desensitized gel saved my butt! I even over used the desensitized gel just a little to make sure I was getting the full affect. If you're in the look out for more white teeth, go for SMILE BRILLIANT!

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