Loving the price of this romper

Who doesn't love some sparkle? This romper brings me to life! It's such an easy piece to throw on and automatically feel dressed up and ready to go. I think it would also look cute with some lace up heels. But since it's getting chilly now, the high boots will have to do! The sparkles also get me pumped for the holidays! Even though I love sparkles all year, the holidays are when it really counts.

What do you guys do for the holidays? When I was a little girl I used to make "reindeer food" out of glitter and broken up pieces of bread haha. I love little traditions like this, it just makes everything so magical when you have traditions to look forward to! Nowadays, the one I look most forward to is having the family all together. The best memories are when we are all together enjoying each other's company. I hope you all have a great weekend :)


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