Springin' it!



I'm probably a little too excited to be seeing more sun in Utah these days. Seriously so excited that it's got me sick ha ha! Literally. Since the weather is changing so much, my body is trying to adjust and it just can't keep up, and of course stress and lack of sleep add to that too. It's crazy that stress can do so much to us?... stress can make us sick, cause breakouts, tiredness, etc. Stress alone is enough, why's it gotta add so much more? It's also crazy how much the weather affects my mood. Anyone else with me on this? It's so much easier for me to get out of bed on sunny days, but if its pouring rain outside, catch me in bed all day ha! It's terrible that I have that attitude because I am dead set that I will live a happier and more motivated lifestyle if I move to Hawaii or California.. Ya know? ;)

Blah! Back to the fun stuff! Spring is here and so my wardrobe is following it! I had such a good time photo-shooting with a photographer I haven't ever shot with before!

Think of Me Photography

As you can tell by these sweet photos, the photographer is amazing at what she does! If you're anywhere near Ogden Utah, definitely check her out and book with her. She's sweet, fun and does creates lovely content! We will definitely be seeing more of her on Pickett Pretty!!

She isn't the only new upcoming adventure that'll be on Pickett Pretty either! I have some BIG things coming up with Picktett Pretty and I almost can't hold it in any longer! I am so excited! Stay tuned with me!

I've been waiting so long to wear this skirt! The snowy weather just doesn't cut it for this outfit. Finally I noticed sunny days were ahead, so I busted this baby out of my closet! The skirt is another SHEIN favorite! I see Shein on my instagram feed more and more, I'm so happy about that because I always love their styles and I truly believe they have great products! 

Buy Skirt Here

Stay tuned with me people! Big things coming!