Summer Lovin'

June is here and I am feeling so summery!

Of course I am showing off my shoulders and wearing the biggest sunnies to start my summer off! I just can't believe it's already here! Does anyone have any big summer plans? If so, comment them below because I'd love to hear!!

So I totally wasn't meaning to make these photos look like a Pepsi ad! Ha, I rarely even drink soda! My photographer and I thought it would be fun/cute to use the soda as a prop and there just happened to be that Pepsi sign right next to where we were shooting! But for all you Pepsi lovers, I don't blame you... Because I took a few sips of that pepsi and didn't want to stop! This is why I restrict myself from soda! I get hooked quick!

Last weekend I went to Denver, Colorado for a little weekend getaway. While I was there I was trying to figure out the style. I couldn't define it! I saw such a variety.. Printed summer dresses, ripped casual tees, rope sandals, preppy, and etc. It was just all over the place and I enjoyed that. Style has no rules anyways, so why not just wear whatever you're feeling that day?! I was inspired by the style there that I put this crazy outfit together. A striped ruffle/off shoulder top, with ripped shorts, palm tree sandal shoes and crazy cat eye sunglasses!! This is for you, Denver!

I hope to inspire you to wear WHATEVER you want and style your clothes outside of the box.

If you're looking for more fun styles, check out PICKETTPRETTYSHOP!

Thanks for reading :)