diy urban shorts


happy weekend!

i swear i live for the weekends and for weekend outfits. summer clothes are my favorite! so question? what do you think of these shorts? the reason i am asking is because i made them! they were super easy to make and i will tell you how. 

1. buy high waist jeans that aren't super tight on the legs and that can be cut. (i went to the DI)

2. make sure they fit your waist right and sit at a comfortable part of your waist. 

3. try them on and measure how long you'd want the shorts to be. i made a line with a pen of where i wanted the shorts to be cut.

4. cut them and wash them and waaahhh-lahhhh!

5. i bought the rhinestones and studs off of eBay and glued them on with e-6000 glue. i think the embellishments give the shorts a little extra bazazz that i was wanting. i'm making up all kinds of words now ha ha.

i would love to see other people's diy shorts too! i plan on making some more because i like to get creative and they're so easy to make. this top is from victoria's secret a few years ago. the back of the top is what intrigued me to buy it. isn't it cute? these are another pair of shoes from rue21 that i bought on sale. wedges are my go to because they give that girly, classy or chic look without killing my feet. i also bought this necklace from rue21. to be honest, i think it was supposed to be a headband. i like the look of it as a necklace though! there aren't any rules anyway, right? 

i hope everyone has a great weekend! thanks for reading. xoxo


buy shoes here (in black)