What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

Trying to get out of town? I know you want to pack just about everything in your closet.. But it's only 3 days! Why do you need 4 pairs of pants, 9 tops and 17 pairs of shoes?? I, for one, am so guilty of this, it's disgusting. Getting ready for one of my last trips, the desk worker who was checking my bag literally told me to remove shoes out of my luggage! How'd he know?? Of course my bag was over the 50 pound limit... But how can he tell it was shoes without it going through the x-ray scanner? And yes, let me remind you that this was only a weekend getaway trip. It can be so hard to choose what to pack for just a weekend.. Am I gonna be stuffing my face? Should I pack flowy shirts to hide the food babies? What if the plans we set change to hiking or a random outdoorsy activity? Do I need to pack my hiking shoes, sports bra and aviator sunglasses? Is swimming every single day going to be on the agenda? Because if so, I need a different swimsuit everyday!

So if you're anything like me, or if you're just looking for tips of what is essential to pack, here is a guide of what to bring for your weekend getaway! No more need to stress about over/under packing, deciding what or what not to bring and overall getting the goods into your luggage! Here we go, Head to toe!!!


6. every girl needs a Sequin dress!

It's time to go clubbing! You and the girls are so ready to just get wild and not remember a thing. Those pina coladas got you motivated for the long night of cocktail drinks and dancing! It's your weekend getaway, you're finally away from the computer desk, you don't have anything holding you back and you're ready forget about all the worries you've had all week. This is your time to shine and just enjoy yourself! This sequin dress will do all of that. Throw a red lip on, flip the hair over, apply the smokey eye, strap on the heels and you are ready to get the night started! Just don't forget the cocktail you left in the bathroom! 


5. you can't just wear one! 

It's time to take a little dip after a long day of walking around. How about a Pina Colada to relax, eh? You deserve it! These Swim Suits are all #musthaves for your weekend getaways and any vacation. It's time to finally show off the body you've been working hard for since you made your New Year Resolution of hitting the gym a few times a week. So definitely take advantage this time at the hot tub to relax and feel good about yourself and how good you look in a swim suit! And why wear the same swim suit each night to the hot tub?! Bring a few to choose from and have fun with mixing and matching them!


4. small backpack to take everything in without feeling guilty!

What else would you hold your gum, wallet, sunnies, perfume samples, I.D. (real or otherwise), portable charger, tampons, lip gloss, condoms, business cards, and extra jewelry in?? The little backpack may be small, but it also acts like a bottomless pit! It also won't feel too heavy since it will be evenly sitting on both shoulders and look super trendy at the same time! 


3. Destroyed, yet not too destroyed denim shorts!

When it's that same time to be walking around, and eating, you'll be glad you're wearing these shorts too. The tiny bit of stretch in them will give your waist that little extra breath after inhaling your last meal in  the newfound city stroll. The best part of wearing shorts on vacation isn't about the stretch in the shorts though, it's definitely the tan your legs get and making all the men (maybe even women too) stare!! Get those winter legs out of hibernation and indulge in the hot gleaming sun! Maybe just wear 10 SPF just in case though.. we don't want sunburns!


2. Easy breezy top to wear everywhere!

Wearing this all day will feel like nothing! It's so light and so cute at the same time. When you're out walking and checking out all the cool local shops, and stopping at all the delicious food places around town, you will be so thankful for this top! It'll cover all the "oops why did i eat another chocolate covered dough bread?" accidents! Don't feel bad for eating and trying all the delicious foods anyways; you're on a getaway!! Enjoy whatever you want with no shame. ESPECIALLY in this blouse!


1. Trendy sunglasses that look good with every outfit!


You know right when you put these on, the people you're traveling with, and even people you don't know are going to ask you where you bought them from! These sunnies are the go-to's, the casual, but classy and the definite weekend getaways! YAS!

And there you have it! Here are the 6 essential items you need on your weekend getaway without feeling bad for the super heavy luggage. There is no shame in doing WHATEVER you want for your getaway. What's the point of a getaway if you're not getting away from your normal everyday life. So get out there and be yourself, but take risks and make memories you'll tell your grandchildren someday! Take advantage of your getaway, be selfish for once and treat yo self! Peace out! 

Thank you for reading and be sure to check out all the other summer essentials on my shop: PickettPretty.shop! You'll have plenty of choices for your next vaca or even for your next date! xoxo- Sabrina