white tops to celebrate summer with


I swear I am not this tan, it's just the white top helping me out! I love white clothing for that reason. White tops and pants always give my skin a nice boost, especially for summer. I found this top at Rue21 and Guess how much i bought it for? are you ready? i bought it for a whole $2 dollars! Isn't that crazy? I tried finding another one, but sadly, they're all gone now. these off-the-shoulder tops provide the best summer attire for your wardrobe. i probably have one too many of these tops, but i love the pretty 'collar bone' look they give.

These jeans that i'm wearing are from American Eagle. I think i own every color of AE jeans. I stay in the store forever and try on every style they have, but i always end up buying the Jegging styles. i can't get enough of them! Their jeans fit me the best and conform to my body so well. They're always so comfortable and lightweight. I haven't found anything comfier than their jeans, besides Flying Monkey jeans. 

Here some white tops that i find much needed for the summer! Summer's finally here, so let's celebrate with a clean white top or two :) 

My top 3 favorite AE Jean styles

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