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I have known Camille since I was about 11 years old. She was one of my first dance teachers and I always looked up to her! Now, she has started her own women's clothing boutique named Wight Gold! I am so excited! Head over to the online shop here.

These jeggings are the most stretchy pants I have ever worn. When I first opened them from the package, I thought that there was no way they were going to fit me because they looked so petite, but they definitely stretched enough to fit! I could probably do the splits in them if I wanted haha.

Anyway... Wight Gold and I are so excited for the opening that we are doing a giveaway for our followers! We are giving away $25 to the new shop! If you wanted to buy these jeggings, that would make them only $10 bucks! The giveaway is taking place on Instagram, but you can click the button below to enter. Thank you everyone, we love your support!

Buy jeggings below!

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