Sabrina PickettComment

Sabrina PickettComment

so, how can we keep ourselves soft and casual this season? My favorite part about fall is the sweater attire. Honestly, I used to hate them, because I always felt too bulky in them. They're growing on me. I have bought more sweaters this season than I ever have before! I also love how a sweater can look so soft and casual at the same time. my favorite is how I can just throw a sweater on and call it good. I don't have to worry about layering too much, unless it is cold and I don't have to dress it up too much either. I love being effortless in my daily "get ready" routine. the soft look is in people. I mean, who doesn't want to look soft, right? this light, effortless green sweater I am wearing is a nice soft color since it comes so light. it's nice because it's something other than the usual neutral colors (not that I don't love the neutrals). I love the detailed neck-line this sweater brings as well. So do you want to stay soft and casual? throw on a light sweater like this, or better yet, buy this one and you'll be set!

these glasses add so much character right? I love the different look they bring!

thank you for reading. xoxo -Sabrina


Sweater: Romwe

Boots: UrbanOg

Sunglasses: Edgeiwear

Necklace & Jeggings: Forever21

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