Okay, here comes a big secret of mine.. I bought this top and necklace from a China website for ridiculously cheap. The shirt was $16 and the necklace was $7. The website is called Aliexpress.com. I buy clothes, jewelry and swim suits from there all the time! The website is kind of like an eBay format, but it's all China made goods. They're not really selling used goods, but you buy new made products from all different sellers. It is for sure a hit or miss website. You have to be careful about the sizes of clothes you order and who you order from. I ALWAYS read reviews on the products before purchasing. I move on if there isn't any reviews on the products. Also, keep in mind that you're getting what you pay for! Nothing this cheap is going to last a lifetime but, if you are like me, then you won't mind if it is cheaply made because you'll probably only end up wearing it once or twice before getting sick of it.